MIXTE Academy

Wed Jul 6 to Wed Jul 13
Talence (France)
€150 individuals / €250 group + €50 registration fees
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MIXTE is an Academy created to train composers and interpreters who wish to discover and deepen the practice of mixed music that associates an instrumental ensemble and electronic set-up. Designed as a lab for experimenting, this academy offers a place and time where musicians in training along with professional scientists and musicians get to meet, listen to each other, exchange and create together.

MIXTE takes place in July in Talence, Metropolis of Bordeaux. Spread out in different places of the city: the SCRIME, the music school and the library of Talence, the Forum and « Rock et Chanson », workshops, master classes and public restitutions will be as many opportunities for the participants to exchange, create and meet the public.

The workshops will be led by the Proxima Centauri musicians and guest composers, as well as the Scrime team. The emphasis is on experimentation, both instrumental and electronic, and artistic exchange.
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