Festival Estrenos de Jóvenes Compositores

Wed Oct 4, 2023 to Wed Oct 4, 2023
Gran Teatro Nacional del Perú, San Borja (Peru)
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Greetings dear colleagues! Hoping that you are doing very well in your studies and/or work or whatever you are doing in life, I am very pleased with your participation in this call made for our festival, whose recitals will take place on October 3rd and 4th of this year, in the Foyer of the Grand National Theatre.

On this occasion, the FEJC Ensemble will have the following conformation: flute(1) , sib clarinet(1), violin(1), viola (1), cello(1), piano(1) and percussion(1).

* Easy-to-carry percussion instruments are suggested.
* The use of sound processors or other electroacoustic treatment is not contemplated.


The works must be composed for this conformation or subset thereof. For example, works for solo instrument, works for duo or trio, for any of the mentioned instruments can be submitted.

In case you have works that contemplate one or two instruments not included in the list, you can also present them. We will do our best to solve the logistics and include them