Born in Piacenza, he studied composition with Carlo Alessandro Landini and Barbara Rettagliati, focusing on the German repertoire with particular attention to symphonic and theater works by authors of the late 19th and 20th centuries.
He perfected his skills with Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Oscar Strasnoy and Ivan Fedele.
His Vier frühe Lieder and Hölderlin-Lieder were premiered in Piacenza in April 2019 and then resumed in Parma (May 2019), Milan (September 2019) and again in Piacenza (2021), while his Sonata No. 1 for piano “Verklärung” (2019/2020) was multiple awarded (International Composition Competition “Città di Albenga”, Alberghini Award) and it was included in a permanent installation created for the Festival Piacenza Musica 2021.
Since 2022 he has worked with the Fondazione dei Teatri di Piacenza, thus starting a collaboration that culminated in the commission of a new opera title for the 2024 MusicMediale Festival.
Second Prize at the XXIX edition of the Concorso internazionale di composizione 2 agosto, his Broken Streams for large orchestra was premiered on live-TV (Rai5) with the orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Bologna conducted by Jaume Santonja.
Upcoming engagements include: Sonata No. 1 on European tour (Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands), Primo Quartetto for strings (Piacenza Classica Festival Commission), Hathor for cello and piano (Piacenza Classica Festival Commission), revival of Epitaffi (Ciampi Musical Group Season), Logos for string orchestra, first performance of Eusebius und Florestan with Costantino Catena (PianoSofia Festival Commission), Blow for string ensemble conducted by Pasquale Corrado and (In)Varianti for two-manual harpsichord with Paola Poncet.
He collaborates with the Fondazione dei Teatri di Piacenza, the Fondazione Piseri, the Festival PianoSofia, the Festival MusicMediale, the Festival Piacenza Classica, the Accademia d’archi Arrigoni, the Fondazione di Piacenza and Vigevano, the Bibiena Art Festival, the Gruppo Strumentale Ciampi, the Fondazioen Teatro Comunale di Bologna, The Wagner Society , NoMus and Società del Quartetto di Milano.
He studied conducting with Ennio Nicotra.
Winner of the Bruno Bettinelli Prize for composition, he published with Universal Edition of Vienna.