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Composed by
Arieh Chrem
bassoon, contrabass, flute, viola, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
June 2020
Venue of the premiere
Kursaal Bern, Bern (Switzerland)
2 minutes

'Apostrophe is a piece written for a small chamber ensemble that explores the aftermath of a very fleeting happening in the memory of the listener. Putting very contrasting material side by side, and seemingly without any logic is what creates the formal tension which is never resolved, leaving a feeling of incompleteness on the listener. The extremely compressed form of the piece makes it as inevitable as it is disconcerting. Once the piece is over, a process of virtual listening in the mind begins.

The name ‘Apostrophe literally refers to the punctuation mark, which in English simultaneously separates to parts of a word, and closely ties them together into a single entity.

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