Four Tableaux (for Bach and Grisey)

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Composed by
Arieh Chrem
alto flute, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, bassoon, clarinet, french horn, harp, piano, vibraphone, viola, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
April 2017
Venue of the premiere
Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya (ESMUC), Barcelona (Spain)
7 minutes

Four Tableaux is written as a double hommage to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and Gerard Grisey. At the time this piece was written, I had recently discovered and fallen in love with the colour palette the music of Grisey employed and started being interested in the use of spectral harmony. That same year, the ESMUC Contemporary Ensemble asked me for a piece that in some way payed homage to Bach’s Goldberg Variations, a work which deeply inspired me in my childhood. This gave me the idea to roll these two hommages into a single piece, which was structured in four distinct parts. In the late stages of composition, the figure of Hans Abrahamsen, who is a big influence of mine, came into the picture as well, making this piece in reality a triple hommage.

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