Notes from the Bath

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Composed by
Jane Deasy
With electronics
Venue of the premiere
United Kingdom
60 minutes

This is a generative, durational piece that has taken multiple forms in the last 2 years. It was composed in MAX. This was my first experience in digital instrument design. Most recently it was released on cassette tape by Fort Evil Fruit – an Irish underground experimental tape label. It featured in Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp in July 2020. It was presented as an octophonic installation at the Irish Sound Science and Technology Association Symposium in Oct'19 at Cork School of Music.

It was adapted in September'20 to an online audiovisual work as part of the Dublin festival MusicTown. It is a conceptual piece that interrogates the contemporary curation and production of personal space in the digital era. A sound culture zine accompanies the piece.

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