Irrsinnige Fruchtbarkeit

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Composed by
Henryk Golden
cello, clarinet, flute, piano, vibraphone, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
April 2021
Venue of the premiere
Paris Philharmonic, Paris (France)
10 minutes

This music realizes that it is not enough to accept that which is present. It realizes that in order to exist as a fruitful and fertile being in time, it must demand that every sound, every rhythm and every possible noise is loved and has a place to rest, exist and converse. 

The title is based on a conversation of the music philosopher Adorno and the composer Stockhausen, which I found very amusing. In it, Stockhausen comments on how he himself often does not know what is happening in his pieces, to which Adorno responds that he finds this observation “fruchtbar” (fertile).

Performed by Ensemble Multilaterale