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Composed by
cello, clarinet, flute, harp, viola, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
November 2016
Venue of the premiere
Opatija (Croatia)
10 minutes

This piece follows a story of twin snakes, from their birth in a mythical well to their eternal conflict leading to their death as the well dries up.

This is based on the supposedly Iliran myth of creation and the fate of the world and was written for the 52nd Opatija Festival in Croatia for the Septet Ad Libitum of the Zagreb Symphony. The reason the Iliran myth was chosen is precisely because this area was inhabited by a subgroup of Ilirians called Liburnians and the area was called Liburnia.

The question in the piece is actually about the fluidity of the concept of national identity but also of the broader environmental factors and human obsessive control of natural resources.