Tomorrow is the past of some distant future

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Composed by
Davor Branimir VINCZE
bassoon, cello, clarinet, flute, harp, oboe, violin, voice
With electronics
Music and...
Real-time interaction, Computer assisted composition
Work premiered
March 2018
Venue of the premiere
Elliott Program Center, Stanford (United States)
15 minutes

This piece of musical theatre is based on a text by Jérémie Chilperic Wenger (with minor modifications). The main character tells a serie of reflections about some past traumatic event that he is not precisely defining. In his unsuccesfully attempt to cope and forget, it become apparent that the isse of his past is an integral part of his reality, and most probably it won't cease to haunting him in the future either. In my reading of Wenger's text I am interpreting a person stuck in one place. An example could be people who lost loved ones in a dramatic way or disilusioned war veterans like the ones in my home country Croatia, but there could be many other cases in which a significant negative past event marks the person for life and pervents her from moving on.

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