It takes Time

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Composed by
Amos Elkana
bassoon, clarinet, flute, french horn, oboe, percussion, strings, trombone, trumpet
With electronics
Work premiered
March 2021
17 minutes

The name of the work is of course a play with multiple meanings. It refers to the time it took me to write it and also the time it takes to learn to play it. In addition, Time in a musical context is the ability to play correctly in rhythm and in tempo. And finally, the one who keeps time in music is usually the percussion player.
The piece is divided into 7 movements that are played continuously without a break between them. In each episode the soloist moves to a different "station" where there are different percussion instruments. Each movement has its own color and atmosphere. This is reflected in the percussion instruments played in the specific movement and also in the sonic and rhythmic material that the ensemble plays.