The Studious Destruction of Everything I've Known

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Composed by
Emily Palen
Performed by
With electronics
Work premiered
January 2011
Venue of the premiere
Grace Cathedral, San Francisco (United States)
6 minutes

"The Studious Destruction of Everything I've Known" is the eighth of eleven live improvisational violin recordings from Emily Palen's full album Glass ~ Live at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, CA. All music was completely improvised completely with no pre-composition. The only edits used in the production of this album were entrances and exits of each track. The audio was recorded using hi-definition SACD technology, capturing millions of audio bites per second, delivering an analog audio feel. Glass was recorded with engineers Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records and Gus Skinas who made the SACD black box on which this record was recorded. Glass is released on Valence Records.