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Composed by
Neuf Voix
chamber orchestra, percussion, piano, prepared piano, sampler, sequencer, soprano (voice), synthesizer, timpani
With electronics
Real-time interaction, Improvisation, Computer assisted composition, Sound spatialization
Venue of the premiere
Milano (Italy)
37 minutes

“Secessioni” is an intense journey into a musical world, in which the history of sounds of all natures (human, acoustic, and synthetic) is completely reinvented, changing their evolution and behavior, from multiple perspectives.
For this work, the composer uses some of the most complex systems of avant-garde composition of the '900, with a writing of harmonies and disharmonies that will present themselves in a sinusoidal way during all the reproduction. Dodecaphony, microtonality, pantonality, and tonality are enclosed in the same context, forming a timbral truth that, while remaining mostly in the tonal system, encourages the listener to explore multiple harmonic spaces and timbral singularities.