Et plaindre et loer

Composed by
With electronics
Work premiered
May 2023
Venue of the premiere
Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (Italy)
5 minutes

This short piece could be presented in two completely different ways. It could be said that it is based, both in terms of material and form, on a ballad by Guillaume de Machaut from which it also takes its title - albeit modified. We could also say that behind "Et plaindre et loer" there is the image of an ancient radio that turns on by itself, starts transmitting, the transmission is disturbed by noise, the signal returns but the music is now degraded and then the interference prevails. In both cases it is clear that the underlying concept is the relationship - both unstable and conflictual - between memory and erosion, between the linear flow of time and immobility.

The piece was premiered by Samuele Provenzi

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