Augmensions and Extentations (2024)

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Composed by
clarinet, electric guitar, flute, percussion
With electronics
Work premiered
May 2024
Venue of the premiere
Route 20 Sofa Company, Cazenovia (United States)
10 minutes

Augmensions and Extentations is a work for chamber ensemble with fixed and live electronics, specially composed the new, US iteration of Chris Cresswell’s 315 Ensemble. Rather loosely inspired by 1970s German kosmische music, industrial and the composer Catherine Lamb, as well some of my recent pieces of mine such as Passing Through, (2023) Fractured Motion, (2022) Between Two Trios (2022) and Objects and Portrait Projections (2022). Characterised by different acoustic and electronics layers that are based around a simple chord progression with oscillations and swells, I wanted the overall work to be essentially a ‘sum of parts’, with the electronics augmenting what is produce by the live instruments.