Stonemired – 3. Sleep Flare

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alto flute, bass clarinet, cello, electric guitar, piano, viola, violin
With electronics
Music and...
Work premiered
September 2017
Venue of the premiere
24 minutes

Written as a companion to a 24' silent film by director Rouzbeh Rashidi, as part of Wilderness Notes, a collaborative project between Kirkos Ensemble and Experimental Film Society.

Like the accompanying film, Stonemired is not linear but abstract and dreamlike, as if wandering through rooms of the subconscious with starkly contrasting colours, images and emotions that are potent yet intangible.

Its harmonies are derived from the sonified atomic spectra of 5 chemical elements: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous and oxygen. These sonic colours range from frosty anxiety to triadic warmth, alternately appearing in distorted, intermingled and pure elemental forms.

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