The Legend of Pandora:Ballet Suite

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Composed by
Frederick Paul Naftel
full orchestra
With electronics
Music and...
Work premiered
July 2017
Venue of the premiere
United Kingdom
30 minutes

The Legend of Pandora Ballet Suite

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first human woman created by the gods, each of whom endowed her with specific gifts.
Zeus ordered Pandora to be moulded out of earth as humanity’s punishment for Prometheus’s theft of the secret of fire.
According to legend, Pandora opened a jar or vessel, releasing all the evils into the world but leaving hope safely inside.
The Suite, which I intend to expand into a full-length ballet, follows various events in Pandora’s life:

1-The Birth of Pandora. 2.Pandora's Dance of Grace. 3-Festival of the Gods. 4-Opening of the Vessel. 5-Pandora's Lament. 6-Dithyramb

6th movement score only uploaded