Die von grauen Lücken einsehende Zeit (2021) für Bassflöte, Bassklarinette und Akkordeon mit einigen Tänzern und Tänzerinnen

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Composed by
accordion, bass clarinet, bass flute
With electronics
Music and...
Work premiered
November 2021
Venue of the premiere
海老原商店, 千代田区 (Japan)
45 minutes

"Stille" (silence, stillness) between "Klang" (sound, resonance), or "Klang" between "Stille".
As "Klang" and "Stille" rise in the space of Ebihara Shoten, which has a history of 93 years, I am interested in the various times and their transformations that differ from the time that lies in our daily lives, which can be glimpsed when the dancers' expressions that were thought thoroughly appear right before our eyes. (From the program notes of the first performance)