sich ablagernde graue Asche (2021) für Audio und Video bestehend aus den Singstimmen und den Bildern einer Soprans

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Composed by
soprano (voice)
With electronics
Music and...
Visual arts, Installation
Computer assisted composition
Work premiered
January 2022
Venue of the premiere
武蔵野スイングホール, 武蔵野市 (Japan)
41 minutes

The main objective from a musical point of view in producing this piece was to find a way out of the equal temperament and try creating diverse sounds with various pitches outside the equal temperament. At the beginning of the piece, only the equal temperament pitches are heard, but gradually the equal temperament pitches are removed, and from halfway through the piece, almost exclusively the various non-equal temperament pitches are heard. On the other hand, from a visual point of view, the main objective is to create a kind of gradually changing portraits in the form of video (this is partly due to my own preference for gradually changing music and video).