Eine Schlucht aus grauer Stille und Zeit (2021) für Bassklarinette und zwei Schlagzeuge

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Composed by
bass clarinet, percussion
With electronics
Work premiered
February 2021
Venue of the premiere
ムジカサロン・フォレスタ, 練馬区 (Japan)
52 minutes

The main purpose of composing this piece is to put my recent compositional interest, that is the relationship between sound and silence, and the transformation of time and space in compositions that emerge from those thoughts, into practice, and observe the results. The materials used in this piece consist of soft sustained tones of various durations (some with crescendos and decrescendos), soft short tones and silences (rests) of various durations in between. Some of these are very long sustained tones and others are very long silences. Besides there are a few repeats. Using these materials and characteristics, I put the above into practice and observed the results. How did the audience or listeners perceive time (and, in the case of live music, the transformation of space)?