The submerged Forest

Composed by
cello, clarinet, violin
With electronics
Music and...
Real-time interaction
Work premiered
January 2011
Venue of the premiere
A Coruña (Spain)
15 minutes

"The Submerged Forest" tells the story of people living in the flooded forests of the south coast of Irian Jaya by the Arafura Sea. It describes their use of art in collective spiritual rites. The main character in the story is an Asmat warrior outstanding for his courage and strength. The cello (Clara Groba) gives voice to the warrior, leader of the dwellers of the flooded forest. The clarinet (Mariola Gil) voices the sound of the wind, which acts as a dynamic force animating the soul of the creatures in the forest. Towards the end of the piece, the clarinet gives its breath to the spirit of the warrior. The violin (Hayk Manukyan) represents the spirit of the warrior which travels, at the end, to the aquatic world inhabited by the soul of the dead.

Chamber group (2 - 4 instruments)
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